How to install Extruded Solutions' Tailgate Seal with Taper Seal®

ITEMS REQUIRED: Scissors, clean rag and soap solution.

Extreme temperatures will result in poor adhesive performance. Apply only if air and surface temperature is between 55° - 105°F (13° - 40°C).
Avoid touching adhesive after peeling off red liner. Repositioning of seal should not be done more than 3 times and only 1 time if the temperature is above 80°F (13°C).

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2022 and newer Nissan Frontier

Clean area thoroughly with soap and water solution and wipe completely dry. Use alcohol pads to prep the tape application area and let dry. Wait until after Tailgate Seal is installed before applying very firm pressure (25 lbs.) to secure adhesive bond. Tailgate Seal can be removed and repositioned prior to applying very firm pressure.

Pictures shown are for the left sidewall and tailgate gap

FIG 1A Large piece for top if lower tailgate


Lower tailgate. Cut a piece to 24” (61cm) from roll of seal. Remove adhesive liner completely and flush one end to tailgate hinge (FIG 1A). Apply light pressure to adhesive and continue upwards towards top of tailgate. Conform seal to curves and flush to the inside top of tailgate (FIG 1B) and cut to fit. Check alignment of seal by raising tailgate, but not closing, and simultaneously viewing seal compression from the rear of tailgate. If you see light or the bulb part of the seal is rolling too much then reposition bulb in sections, or entirely, by loosening adhesive and then repositioning. After seal is in place apply very firm pressure to secure adhesive bond. Duplicate for right side.

FIG 1B alternate view bg

FIG 2A cut piece for top of sidewall

FIG 2B cut piece for top of sidewall- alternate view


Cut a 1.06” (2.7cm) piece. Attach to the top of tailgate, bulb side facing up (FIG 2A and 2B). Position so that seal is flush with seal on tailgate when closed (FIG 2C). After seal is in place apply very firm pressure to secure adhesive bond. Duplicate for right side.

2C top view of closed tailgate

FIG 3A lower sidewall piece and lower tailgate piece

STEP 3: ATTACHING TO TAILGATE GAP Most often bulb side is up for Nissan Frontier (FIG 3A).

To evaluate the best positioning for the tailgate gap, cut a 1” (2.5cm) test piece and align the top of bulb with the truck bed floor. Stand to the side of truck and raise tailgate until bulb makes contact with tailgate.

NOTE: Compression and/or slight rolling of the bulb is okay, however, if the bulb rolls downwards too much as the tailgate is closing and you can see the tape, then seal has rolled too much. This can cause added stress on the adhesive and possible separation.

If you see that the bulb is rolling too much then invert 1” test piece so that bulb side is down. Raise tailgate and make sure no light is visible through the 1” piece. Adjust 1” piece higher or lower to seal out the light. After determining if the bulb should be up or down and how high or low, remove 1” piece and pick up one end of the continuous seal.

Start at either end, peel back a section of liner and flush end of seal to inner sidewall (FIG 3A). Attach in sections and apply light pressure, should you need to reposition, to adhesive. When approaching protrusion stop and cut as shown in FIG 3B. Cut a 1.06” (2.7cm) piece and apply bulb side down as shown in FIG 3C. This piece will act as an access flap as shown in FIB 3B. Continue to apply seal from roll and flush to the other sidewall. Cut to fit. Check for light by closing tailgate and viewing from the top and/or underneath. Reposition as necessary. After seal is in place apply very firm pressure to secure adhesive bond.

FIG 3B inverted piece lifted to show access port

FIG 3C cut pice inverted at access point

FIG 4A lower sidewall piece and lower tailgate piece


Cut a 1.625” (4.1cm) piece. Attach bulb side facing inward and flush top of seal to bottom of rubber stop and flush bottom of seal to seal on the tailgate gap (FIG 4A). Do not apply firm pressure to adhesive until after STEP 5.

Duplicate for right side.


Cut a 2.50” (6.35cm) piece from Large Tailgate Seal. Attach as shown in FIG 3A and 4A. Apply light pressure to adhesive. Close tailgate. If you see light through the lower sidewall, then remove seal and reposition. It also might be necessary to reposition seal from STEP 4. After seals from STEP 4 and STEP 5 are in place, apply very firm pressure to secure adhesive bond. Duplicate for right side.


Open tailgate. After Tailgate Seal with Taper Seal® is in place, apply very firm pressure (25lbs.) to secure the entire adhesive bond. Leave tailgate open for 30 minutes. If the air temperature will fall below 50°F (10°C) within the next 24 hours or, if any part of the adhesive is applied to a surface other than paint, such as plastic or a spray on bed liner, then leave tailgate open for 24 hours.

Back view of closed tailgate bg Closed tailgate lower inside view
Inside view showing left side of tailgate when closed

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