How to install a Tailgate Seal with Taper Seal®

ITEMS REQUIRED: Scissors, clean rag and soap solution.
Extreme temperatures will result in poor adhesive performance. Apply only if air and surface temperature is between 55° - 105°F (13° - 40°C). Avoid touching adhesive after peeling off red liner.

Repositioning of seal should not be done more than 3 times and only once if the temperature is above 80°F (13°C)

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2016 Chevy Colorado

Clean area thoroughly with soap and water solution and wipe completely dry. Use alcohol pad to prep the tape application area and let dry. Wait until after Tailgate Seal is installed before applying very firm pressure, to secure adhesive bond. If necessary, Tailgate Seal can be removed and repositioned prior to applying very firm pressure. Pictures shown below are for the left sidewall and tailgate gap.

Start 1” below truck bed floor and attach seal to the rear corner edge of the left sidewall extension (FIG 1A). When nearing top of sidewall, gradually rotate seal 90° counter clockwise so that bulb is facing inward and the taped side of seal is flush with the sidewall at the top (FIG 1B). Apply light pressure to adhesive. Duplicate for right sidewall.
Cut and attach a 3" piece just below the top of bedrail. Flush to the seal on the sidewall extension, bulb side facing inwards. Apply light pressure to adhesive. Duplicate for right sidewall.

Start at either end of the tailgate gap and flush with Tailgate Seal on the sidewall. Align the top of bulb with the lower ridge of truck bed floor. Peel back liner and attach in sections, apply light pressure to adhesive. If the bulb rolls downwards when closing tailgate and you can see the tape, then seal has compressed too much. This occurs sometimes with spray on bed liners and/or in front of both hinges near the sidewalls. Simply invert seal so that bulb side is down.

Cut and attach 2 pieces (2.250" and 2.500") to the inside of tailgate near the top. The bottom seal (with an angle cut on the left end) will be pushing up on the top seal. Apply only light pressure to adhesive. Duplicate for the right side.

Alternate View
Cut and attach a 1.500" piece to the inside of tailgate near the bottom, bulb side facing left. Apply light pressure. Duplicate for the right side.  
Close tailgate. If you see light through the sidewalls, make adjustments by removing the seal and repositioning. If there is still light, then cut pieces of seal as needed and attach to sidewalls and/or tailgate. Do not attach adhesive to seal. After Tailgate Seal is in place, apply very firm pressure to secure the adhesive bond.
Inside view showing left side of tailgate when closed
Due to the variety of truck designs the application of Tailgate Seal with Taper Seal® may vary slightly.
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